Net Design and Solutions LTD are always looking for talented people to join our design team. If you are a graphic designer, a layout person, a multimedia expert, or simply have the talent and experience to either create Web sites or elements in a Web site, we encourage you to contact us.

We are currently seeking two commission sales representatives in Christchurch and in other major cities in New Zealand. One needs to be I.T literate, Internet savvy and a people's person. Being able to communicate in layman's terms to prospective clients is a necessity. We offer unlimited earnings potential, the sky is the limit. Please email us your C.V. at info@paidtohost.com and convince us that you are the right person for the job.

Please either fill out the form below or submit your resume to us via e-mail or

Post your C.V to:

· PO Box 11-254,
· Sockburn
· Christchurch.

If you are submitting your resume, you must include at least three URLs where we can view examples of your work on-line. Please tell us exactly what you did in each URL (e.g. layout and design, graphics, Flash, Shockwave, Java, etc.)

All applications and communications are confidential and will not be used for any purposes other than evaluating you for a position within Net Design and Solutions LTD.

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