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NZ $35+GST/month (Setup fee $99+GST*)
  Storage: 200MB
  5GB Transfer
  Referral Logs, Access to raw logs
  24/7 FTP Access Account
  Unlimited POP Email Account
  Unlimited Email Redirects
  Unlimited Email Aliases
  Unlimited Email Auto responders
  20 Subscribe able Mailing List
  MySql 3.23.24, JavaScript, PHP, PERL 5.6, CGI-BIN
  Online Manual
  User friendly control panel
  FrontPage Extensions
  Password Protected Pages
  Site Statistics, Static IP
  Page Counters
  Form Email, Email PGP Email
  SSH (Encrypted form of Telnet) - $100+GST
  Secure Server Directory (https://) - $100+GST
  Real Audio/Video - $100+GST
  PHP Shopping Cart [It would allow you to update your website content/products live and online without needing any html knowledge] - $1000+GST
  Domain name change - $100+GST
  Sub level sub Domain [something.domain.com pointing to subdirectory of your main account] for your account - $100+GST
  Top level sub Domain [domain.com pointing to subdirectory of your main account] for your account - $150+GST
Ever wanted to get your web site hosted free?
  Then refer your friends and acquaintances to our web hosting service!
  If you refer your friends to join us and they sign up with our service successfully, we will reduce your web hosting fee/month depending on the number of referrals you may have on that particular month.
  We will reduce NZ $5/month from your web hosting fee per referral. If you have and keep 7 or more referrals in that particular month, you will receive FREE web hosting services.
o 1 Referral - you pay $ 30/month
o 2 Referrals - you pay $ 25/month
o 3 Referrals - you pay $ 20/month
o 4 Referrals - you pay $ 15/month
o 5 Referrals - you pay $ 10/month
o 6 Referrals - you pay $ 5/month
o 7 or more Referrals - FREE web hosting

  We will give you a special referral code so that we know the person is referred by you.
  Referrals can be generated by the word of your month or a link from your site (e.g. website hosted by paidtohost.com)
  You can checked your referral stage and account anytime online 24/7/365.
  Under New Zealand Fair Trading Act, referral selling is illegal in New Zealand. We will not pay out any money for anyone who has more than 7 referrals for this reason. However, you can receive free web hosting if you have 7 or more referrals.
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