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  How can I get my site listed with search engines? It sounds like a pretty simple question, but sadly, search engine submission can be a complicated subject. Have no fear!

Net Design And Solutions specialises in helping you increase the traffic to your website using search engines and web directory.

To make matters clearer, allow us to make a distinction between search engine submission and search engine optimisation. These terms, along with others, are sometimes used synonymously to discuss different efforts to promote sites on search engines.
Search Engine Submission: Getting Listed
  "Search engine submission" refers to the act of getting your web site listed with search engines. Another term for this is search engine registration. Getting listed does not mean that you will necessarily rank well for particular terms, however. It simply means that the search engine knows your pages exist.

Think of it like a lottery. Search engine submission is similar to you purchasing a Lotto ticket. Having a ticket doesn't mean that you will win, but you must have a ticket to have any chance at all.
Search Engine Optimisation: Improving The Odds
  "Search engine optimisation" refers to the act of altering your site so that it may rank well for particular terms, especially with crawler-based search engines (what these are will be explained later in this guide).

Returning to the Lotto model, let's assume there was a way to increase the odds of winning by picking your Lotto numbers carefully. Search engine optimisation is similar to this. It's making sure that the numbers you select are more likely to win than purchasing a set of numbers at random.
Search Engine Placement & Positioning: Ranking Well
  Terms such as "search engine placement", "search engine positioning" and "search engine ranking" refer to a site actually doing well for particular terms or for a range of terms at search engines. This is the ultimate goal for many people -- to get that "top ten" ranking for a particular keyword or search terms.
Search Engine Marketing & Promotion: The Overall Process
  Terms such as "search engine marketing" or "search engine promotion" refer to the overall process of marketing a site on search engines. This includes submission, optimisation, managing paid listings and more. These terms also highlight the fact that doing well with search engines is not just about submitting right, optimising well or getting a good rank for a particular term. It's about the overall job of improving how your site interacts with search engines, so that the audience you seek can find you!
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